Friday, June 27, 2014

FO Eucador Sweater!

Project Details:  Started on March 23rd 2013 and finished on June 26th 2014.  Yes a long time, but it was sitting untouched for a while.  I do love how it drapes and fits now that it is finished and blocked, but fingering weight yarn just takes forever!  Took 3 skeins of sock yarn on size 7 needles.  I made the sleeves 3/4 length instead of long or short.  I like the end product but I would never do this again.  Painful!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where In The World?

It is June first and you might be wondering where I've been.  Well I've been here.  Knitting and crafting away.  The fingering sock sweater is going so slowly that progress is really at a glacial pace.  I've cranked out a couple pairs of socks and scarfs.  But, otherwise I really want to get this dang sweater done.  Anyone want to finish it for me???