Friday, November 30, 2012

F.O. Cider Mills Pullover

Project Details:
Cider Mill Pullover is the name of the pattern and let me tell you I LOVE IT!   Started on June 23rd and finished on November 19th (not really a knit worth that amount of time - but I had a lot going on).  It really would be a fast knit if you were to do it.   This sweater uses Rowan Felted Tweed which is a really nice feeling blend that is machine washable.  The edging is great and everything is done in the round.  The #1 thing I love about this pullover is that with normal yoke neck sweaters they pop up when you lift your arms.  Because of the way this is constructed it seems to happen less.  A perfect fall/winter sweater (which I will be wearing the crap out of).

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Working Away!

Guess what I've been working on - my little sisters wedding invitations. She wanted them hand sewn. I have 10 more to go. I wonder when I'll finish?

Thanksgiving RV Knitting.

We are currently traveling to see both sets of Zooey's grandparents. This means some pretty good rv knitting.

#1 I finished my secret pull over - but I need to fix the neck bind off (it is currently too tight).

#2 A friend has cancer and her hands are suffering. She can't work on a holiday project she had planned (wrist warmers). So I'm going them for her. I'm one down and onto Rg second. I have two other holiday projects I'd like to work on.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

FO High Chair Cushions

This high chair was my husbands when he was a child. Of course it needed new cushions since then. My sister-in -law used it for her three boys. The cushions she used were cowboy themed. I'm not opposed to the cowboy themed pads, but we painted the tray red and the colors just don't work. We wanted something with bold colors and slightly geometric - that is when I found this great PAC man fabric. I think it works perfect!