Friday, November 25, 2016

FO Infrant & Toodler Hats

Project Details: Mike has a co-worker that just had a baby.  She has an older sister as well and they moved to Vienna.  I figured maybe both girls needed a warm holiday hat.  These hats knit up so quickly (less than 2 hours per hat).  LOVE THEM!  Started today and finished today.  November 25th.  I used scrap yarn from around the house.

FO Mike's Christmas Stocking

Project Details: Started on November 19th and finished on November 24th.  I buy these stockings as a kit and really love them.  I had made Mike one years ago, but used size 8 needles and the stocking was too small to fit anything into.  I re-made his stocking this weekend and love it!

Friday, November 18, 2016

FO Monster

Project Details: started November 12 and finished on November 16.  A quick knit!

I decided not to put mouths on them.  And please be quiet - these are for Zooey's Christmas!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

FO Totoro Sweater

Project Details:  I made this sweater for Zooey out of left over yarn from my sweater.  I was worried about not having enough, but in the end it was okay.  I used a general yoke sweater pattern.  I put little acorns on the sleeve and the two sets of Totoro came from a mitten pattern.  I can't tell you how it fits yet, because it is a holiday surprise.  But it looks nice blocking right now!  Started on October 16th and finished on November 11th.  I was shocked at how long it took to actually design the patterns and knit it up!