Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sock sadness.

I cast on for a new pair of socks. I'm doing a Harris Tweed pattern (which seems to be a pretty loose pattern). Here are my issues. 1. A needle came out. 2. The needle that came out broke in the car door (as you can see). 3. The sock appears to be very wide around.

My question is - what is TOO loose for a sock top? I have a feeling this will be too loose. And, it seems a bit busy to me - for the color and pattern.

Thoughts? Comments?

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  1. Two comments: 1) keep the rest of the needles, it seems like I break them in pairs (even on the DPs). 2) my rule of thumb for my own socks is that I want about 66 stitches for size 0 or 1 needles, and 60 for size 2 or 3. 2) From the photo, the new socks look pretty nice. Perhaps, it is just that you are looking at them up closer than you will be wearing them (unless you are doing Yoga in them, in which case, I retract my point number 2)