Sunday, March 22, 2009

When Frogging Is Loved.

I got some left over cotton from Avivah that I was planning on designing a couple of wash clothes out of. I know - who needs yet another wash cloth - but I thought that as gifts go and the spare bathroom ... sort of a nice touch.

My little sister had cast on (just to practice) and was knitting up a bit for the first one. I was going to finish it yesterday and notices that there were some dropped stitches in the cable. Opps. So, we frogged it. I'll get back to casting on and creating some lovely pink wash clothes, once Methow is done with it. Methow loves fibers. In particular she loves raw wool (when I spin she'll dig into it so much that she'll walk around the house with wool on her head). But, any fiber drives her crazy. I think in a previous life she was a weaver!

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  1. How cute is she!?! Emma is not really that focused on most fiber (except wet alpaca - no explanation for that), but she does really like the crinkly plastic bags the roving usually comes in!