Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April WIP

I've been working on this little black wrap/sweater for a while. The needles are large - but the kid silk is tough to work with (well at least it takes a lot of time). I decided last night to make a push on it while at climbing class. So, I took it with and got the back portion done.

This is what the finished sweater will look like.

It is from French Girl Knits and I'm hoping comes out this nice (I haven't seen any good examples on Ravelry).

The patter is pretty strange. You do the bottom back. Then cast on more waste yarn - knit across it - then k3tog all of the previous back stitches (I guess this gathers it a bit on the back) and then cast on more stitches with waste yarn. I'm pretty interested to see how the whole thing goes together and finishes. I've read the pattern a couple of times and am still a bit lost on the finishing.


  1. that is what it will look like when you spend your day standing like that model. Seriously - who thinks that pose was attractive???

    On the next note - your sweater looks absolutely lovely!

  2. It actually sounds like a lighterweight version of a Connie Chang Chinchio sweater - that same odd back hem. Making progress on it tho, so you should know soon enough!