Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Track Knitting.

This past weekend we went to the race track and I got some stellar knitting done. The French Girl Top is now 99% done (I only have to do the edge) and the birthday top I'm doing is 40% done (still on the repeats at the bottom - but making good progress).

I did, however, pull and Anne. Yep. While taking out the waste yarn on the French Girl Top (which is made with a kid silk light yarn), I snipped the actually knitted yarn and made a hole. My fingers have never shock so bad as I tried to stitch the yarn back together. It was a nerve racking 15 minutes (but the yarn was fixed and I'm sure no one will ever notice). I tried to take a photo - but for some reason our camera to computer link isn't working right now. I'll post one later. One you finish the 20 inches of body the rest of the item is super fast. Sorry for complaining about it so much!

I'm about to get on a flight and have the Lotus top I'm working on. Let's hope TSA doesn't take my needles!

NOTE: Photos started working again! Yippy.


  1. between your post and Anne's about snipping this yarn, I think I'm about to make a decision to never use it. I'm too scared of it! :)

  2. Yikes. I know how bad that feels!

    You did make a lotta progress tho!!