Sunday, June 14, 2009

When They F*CK You At The Drive Through.

I think it was Lethal Weapon where the guy used this line, "They f*ck you at the drive through." In reference to take out of course. But, for me - it is whenever I get my hopes up. The spinning wheel has taken forever to get here and was scheduled to be delivered on June 13th by Fed Ex. It shipped in two boxes one being 14 lbs and the other being 32 lbs. The smaller of the two boxes did show up and was just the wheel part. The other box, according to Fed Ex, now has no delivery day. I wanted to cry!

To top it off I made a big push to finish up the hat that I was working on and - did ... but it is INFANT sized. I am now sure I must have screwed the gauge up something fierce. What the heck happened? I triple checked everything. I guess someone is getting a baby hat! And yes, the hat is on the cat ... that is how small it is!

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