Friday, June 5, 2009

Wool - Wool - Wool

I'm still waiting for my spinning wheel - has yet to ship and needless to say I'm a bit upset about it. I ordered some new roving (from someone I found online,pumpkinmama - but Anne knew about) and it is beautiful! Absolutely wonderful looking. I can't wait for the new wheel to get here so that I can spin it up!

Some new sock yarn from Ocean of the Winds just showed up today. I'm not sure what you'd call the color and I don't have a pattern ready for them ... but when I saw them online I just knew I had to have them! Her stuff is amazing. Great feeling and her dye job is ... well it left me with a longing for the yarn. I think this has to be the last sock yarn I'm going to buy for a while.

Now for my inside voice fantasy - I have 3 new projects that I want to get started on. As most of you know I hate casting on ... that is what is really holding me back ... but in my brain I've already got these new projects on the needles and I'm making progress on them. Hmmm. Maybe over coffee tomorrow.

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  1. I love the orange-y roving you picked... and you already knew I loved Lori's dye talents. But those skeins are awfully nice too!