Friday, July 10, 2009

WIP July 10th

Here is the merino top that I spun on my Kromski. I'm not terribly happy with how poofy it came out. I'm wondering if I should ply on my Kiwi since it really tightens stuff. I'm going to have to chat with Anne about this.

Also I'm a few inches into my Safari KAL. They are just flying by. My goal is to have sock one finished on Sunday and cast on for sock two while traveling in the car.

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  1. I think maybe a couple of things are going on: First off, on the Kiwi, you were getting a lot of overtwist, so what you are seeing is more "normal" poofiness of merino when you ply it. Second, do you know what your singles twist angle versus your plied twist angle are? If one is significantly less than the other, it'll cause that effect to happen. But I do think, just because it's maybe not exactly what you wanted, that it's bad yarn. It really looks pretty darn nice.