Sunday, August 30, 2009

F.O. Cat's Stocking

One more stocking finished. Now, I just need to do mine. I wonder if I can get it done before the holiday season??

Project Details:
This was a kit from Annie's Woolens. I modified it to be able to put all three cat's names on it. Size 10.5 needles. I didn't to the folded top (that one is on Mike's stocking and I wanted something different). I did a standard st. st on the top so that it will roll. I cast-on August 25th and finished today August 30th (5 days although I really worked on it yesterday and today - so really a 2 day project). It says Bend, Methow and Moab around the sock. It has yet to be blocked. That will be tonight! I have found that these look a lot better if they are blocked.

1 comment:

  1. Still! Finished in 5 days total?? That's fantastic! You've been a knitting machine the last week or so. :)