Sunday, August 16, 2009

What In The World?

You may be at home - wondering - what in the world is this girl working on? No posts in days. Is she spinning, knitting, alive? The answer is slow movement. When projects are going slow I don't like the post the exact same status every day. Seems like a waste of blog space.

Currently I have two projects that I'm pushing through - the KAL toe up socks and the red tank top.

The red tank is done - blocking - but I need to put straps on it. I didn't want to make the straps until it was blocked so that I could see how long to make them. I have also not thought about beads yet. I'm not sure if I'll put them on yet. I might just wait and see how it wears.

The toe up socks are coming slowly. Normally I fly through the first sock and go slow through the second. This sock for some reason doesn't seem to be making progress very fast. I'm currently 3.5" up the leg and hoping to finish this one up this week.

I also just picked up this book. It has a couple of interesting hat and scarf patterns in it!

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