Sunday, September 20, 2009

F.O. Holiday Clogs

Yep. Pair number 2 for the holidays. DONE DONE DONE.

These only took 25 minutes to felt and 4 skeins (of 200 yards) - cascade 220 heather yarn. They also need to be defuzzed. They got a bit fuzzy in the washer.

Are these clogs or hats???

Now should I cast on for another pair or wait and work on a project for me??


  1. Wow! Aren't YOU getting a lot done? Holiday gifts finished already??

    I'd get all the holiday stuff off my plate first, but that's weird me.

  2. I agree about the getting all the holiday stuff done so early. Procrastination is my middle name. Fabulous clogs and they do look good as floppy hats.