Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taos Wool Festival

This weekend is the Taos Wool Festival. It is a small festival - but packed with great booths and lovely people (I even met some Santa Fe knitters, a knitter/spinner/weaver who lives 1 block from me, and some new ABQ friends).

Here is Mike and Ritch helping me out at the festival. They stood outside of the tents with a large backpack and carried my loot as I walked around. It was very nice to have such good help!

They had all kinds of live stock - mini sheep, alpacas, shearing demos. It was neat to see them all there!

My purchases. I didn't go crazy. I got a pound of wonderful mint chocolate chip merino, I got some angora, a few skeins of yarn, a mixed bag of bright roving, and some other fibers .... way too much fun!


  1. At least you didn't go crazy - I got lots of goodies! But I also got so inspired that I couldn't wait to go home and start spinning and dyeing. Which I did. This year was amazing.

  2. miss you guys...don't even know if they have such things here. (but know the Dutch words for Sheep and Goat and the sounds that they make here (Maaaaa))

  3. Ooooo.... angora. I'm hoping you mean "just fiber" and not "live bunny". :)

    Looks like you had a great time and beautiful weather.