Monday, December 7, 2009

New Project - WAY TOO BIG

This is the new cable hat in Winter 2009 Interweave. I decided to use my new hand spun and guess what - it is 26" around (without stretching). My head is 22 on a good day - more like 21 if a hat really fits. It is a cable repeate in the pattern so I'm torn. Do I just go down a few needle sizes or do I ditch the project or try and modify the pattern?? The pattern says the finish hat should be between 24" and stretch 26" - regardless that is too big. I hate frogging ... but did it last night!


  1. Looks pretty open tho in the photo above. How many needle sizes do you have to go down to get it to work?

  2. My head is 21" around and I really want to make this hat!! Let me know if you figure out a good way to mess with the pattern!