Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have a goal to knit up at least half of my sock yarn and half of my regular yarn in the next 2 years. I decided to do the math and figured out some interesting numbers. Here are some totals.

I have 71,973 yards of yarn. (75 pairs worth off sock yarn and 38 sweaters and or hats)

The width of Alaska is 2,604,800 yards. Which means I have ~3% of the width of Alaska in yarn. OUCH!

Let's take into consideration that I did a handsome amount of knitting this past year and I knit 12,567 yards worth in 2009. This means that it will take me ~6 years to work through my whole stash. Therefore .... I really am sticking with my not buying of anything new and working through the stash. Wish me luck!


  1. See - I told you the math was painful and really to be avoided. :P

    The only good news is that 400-425 yards per pair of socks eats up yarn quicker than 1200 yards per sweater. Ask me how I know.

  2. I totally agree with Anne on this. The socks will go much quicker.

    But you might want to get started now - your knit meter says you only knit 2.95 feet this year!