Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Lied.

Do you remember my post about the yardage in my stash? Well this includes stash that I look at as "knit worthy" or that has been over looked or that came in a kit. I didn't build in any slack into my calculation. I've gone through a bit more of the found stash.

Previous Post:
I have 71,973 yards of yarn. (75 pairs worth off sock yarn and 38 sweaters and or hats)

Let's take into consideration that I did a handsome amount of knitting this past year and I knit 12,567 yards worth in 2009. This means that it will take me ~6 years to work through my whole stash. Therefore .... I really am sticking with my not buying of anything new and working through the stash. Wish me luck!

New Totals:
82,000 yards of yarn (and this isn't everything ... this is just kits and such). ZOINKS. If I do the math again this means it will take me 6.5 years to knit up all of this. OUCH!


  1. Oh my word that is a lot of yarn!! :) Have fun cozying up and poring over patterns to use up that stash with!

  2. Right. Exactly. The math is SO NOT WORTH IT SOMETIMES. :P

    If it makes you feel any better, that's still about half of what I've got as my total. You know.. before "some people" sent me another 5 skeins of sock yarn.