Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Hubby.

While packing for Mike's latest trip (to Vienna) we were talking about him staying warm. He has his suite and dress shirts. His ties and argyle sweater. His beautiful black shoes and adorable cuff-links. But, staying warm in a wool pea coat in sub-zero weather takes a bit of effort. I asked him about a scarf and he says, "I've never owned a scarf, I wouldn't even know how to wear it". I asked him if I knit one would he wear it. "Of course honey. Especially if it keeps me warm."

So I'm on a mission. I need a good scarf pattern for him. His jacket is gray and his suites are black. So, I'm thinking a blue or gray-blue scarf (something to bring out the blue in his eyes). Thoughts on a good pattern for my love?

Side note ... can you imagine a life without owning a scarf. EVER? I feel like I've let him down. How did I never notice?


  1. My favorite scarf so far for a guy is the Eton's Scarf that I did for the Red Heart project.

    I'd link it here, but apparently you can't put links in the comments... But you can find it on my project page on Rav as well.

    It's fluffy because of the double seed stitch, it's a stupid easy pattern (double seed stitch) and my hubby liked it enough to ask for one, so I know it's manly.

    And to your side note - don't feel bad, the man is old enough to be able to dress himself, no matter how much he pulls that "but I'm too busy with my science to notice silly things like how to tie my shoelaces" crap.

  2. I knit my dad and brothers the yarn harlot's one row scarf. They seemed to think that was manly enough. I also knit Chris a scarf with stripes of moss and seed stitch (color is the same the texture is the only thing that changed), but I wear it more then he does because he can't be bothered with even a coat no matter how cold it is outside.

  3. I would go with a set of small squares in knit and pearl alternately (checker board) and definitely in the blue that brings out his eyes. Seems pretty tailored...and that probably fits the Mike I know. Choose something super-soft for the yarn.