Friday, June 18, 2010

Socktagon 2010

I've decided to bite off a big chunk of cheese and do a sock club. Socktagon 2010 will be a sock yarn club where you get 4 kits of hand-painted sock yarn, a pattern designed just for that yarn and a clue. The club will start September 1st.

If you can solve all four clues you will be rewarded with an extra skein of hand-painted yarn (which is some of the softest most amazing sock yarn on the planet) and another pattern. It is worth the struggle to solve the clues.

Each skein of sock yarn will be a wool blend. The puzzles will not be unsolvable. They will be fun and straight-forward enough for even a beginner to solve.

We will also have a Ravelry group to chat about the puzzles.



  1. Ack - please save one for me...I so want to do this...but I need to wait until I have a US home mailing address -- i.e. the end of July at the earliest.

  2. oh my...this sounds so cool and fun....i want to try too!