Monday, June 14, 2010

W.I.P. June 14

I read a blog post about a giant granny square blanket and just couldn't help myself. I have to make one. The colors, the crochet pattern. It is a blast! I've already realized I wont have enough yarn and have had to order some more. More cotton Peaches & Creme.

How to organize the colors though???

Here is my one day progress. This thing is addictive! I might need a four step program just to stop working on this.


  1. Talk about stash enhancement. I MUST learn to crochet. I've heard it uses more yarn (i need to stashdown)

  2. It's looking great! You've got such a good eye for color!

  3. The childhood memories! Make them stop! Please!!!

  4. I think that I might have some P&C cotton at home if you think you could use it.