Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fabric Festival.

I had two jelly rolls of this retro fabric. I used the majority of it for a quilt, which I'm still working on, but what was left I used to make two reversible aprons. I put a few buttons on one side, inside the flowers, but the apron can be worn either side out. I've sent one of the aprons to a friend and I'm going to keep the other one.

Directions for Jelly Roll Apron:
10 different colored strips
2 matching strips for the tie
buttons or beads for adornment

Attach 10 pieces lengthwise. Iron. Fold down the middle and stitch across bottom and side. Turn right side back out. Take 2 matching colored strips and attach together on short edge. Iron in half and then in quarters (with the raw edges up next to the center line). Place the center where you attached the 2 matching fabrics together at the center of the apron on the top of the open side. Pin along the top side with the apron up within the ironed tie. Stitch all the way down the tie, across the apron and then across the last part of the tie. Big-boda-boom, you are done! Enjoy your new apron.


  1. in the Netherlands I saw people using those buttons for buttoning on hot pads...such a good idea!