Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a New Year Holds.

With the year rolling over I find myself looking at the projects around me and the project to come. I started a group called Sole Sisters (for handknit socks or mittens to a secret pal). It officially kicked off Jan.1. I also joined a Ravelry group on knitting socks or mittens to work through stash. The first pattern is out of Enchanted Sole and is something I've wanted to do. So, I'm casting on for it as well.

Of course I still have the lace project that I've been cranking through. I'm not sure when I'll finish it but I keep working at it.

While cleaning up my craft room I found another quilt that I started. I've decided to finish this up this year as well. Why have something sitting half finished for a decade? Why?

I'm sad and sorry to see the side bar on my blog though. It says I haven't knit this year and I haven't spun this year. LIES I tell you! :) To recap 2010 I knit 14853 yards and I spun 2 lbs 4oz of roving. A pretty darn good year if you ask me!

My goal for 2011 will be to destash more. Not buy any new year (if I don't have to) and to make more glorious handmade gifts for people (or at least gifts that they will love).


  1. Great goals. I love your beautiful.

  2. That sounds like all good stuff. :) I never got out of the house this weekend. If I can gear up for it today, I'm headed towards your house with your holiday gift!

  3. Like your choices for the new year. and good thinking about the quilt. (quietly turns away thinking of all the unfinished quilt tops in craft room).

  4. Wow! Looks like you will be kept busy with all your wonderful projects. I like the idea of your knitting group, Sole Sisters. Best wishes to you for a Happy New Year!