Wednesday, February 23, 2011

& Depression Sets In.

I'm not sure if you remember the post where I told you about this quilt that I found after the fire. I started it nearly 8 year ago and made it half way through. I decided to take this past weekend and focus on it. I worked the second half and was super excited to put it together with the first .... when I noticed that I used 1/8" seams on the first half and 1/4" seams this past weekend. Want to know what that means? Yep - the two halves don't fit together. I thought about it ... should I rip it out? Which side to rip out? I called Susan who told me, "You can pitch the whole thing or make lemonade out of lemons and do something with each half." I thought about it but was still depressed. I showed Mike and he said, "Why not keep the left side and make it the top of a kids quilt." I thought about it. I thought about pitching the half that I just finished this weekend. But, then it came to me. Why not use the right side as the top and the left side as the bottom (or which ever way you want to put it).

So here is what it looks like now. I added some bright fun fabrics to the sides to make it a reasonable size. I now have a top and bottom of a quilt and just need to put it together, quilt it and bind it. No problemo right? Maybe this next weekend I can get through it.

Lemonade out of lemons!


  1. Clever solution! One I think that speaks to the thrifty roots of quiltmaking, too!

  2. What a great idea and it will be beautiful on both sides!!

  3. Perfect! It looks fantastic that way too!!

  4. You can do it! Remember our goal - UFO Domination 2011! The pattern sure is fantastic and now that you found such a great solution, you have to finish it! Right? LOL, says the girl whom still has several UFO's under her sewing table. But this is our year to finish =)