Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where In The World Am I?

You might be wondering where in the world did I get off to? Where have I been? Well I was on vacation. A vacation where I took knitting and never even pulled it out. I got NOTHING done (which felt fantastic). We relaxed on the beach and swam with sea turtles. I did take a Hawaiian Quilt class and am now chomping at the bit to start on a wall hanging I bought. But, my present for all the traveling was that I'm sick now. I caught some kind of cold on the flight home. What does that always seem to happen? Back to regular knitting/crafting this week!


  1. You lucky duck! Well, except for the sick part. But at least you didn't get sick while you were on vacation; that's what happened to us when we FINALLY took a 5 day vacation to Vegas last year. Go figure.

    And a vacation that keeps you busy enough (even if that "busy" is doing absolutely nothing) to not even THINK about pulling out your knitting is a really great vacation. That also happened to me when we went to Vegas - the only time I knit was on the plane!

    Hope you get to feelin' better soon. Murphy's Law is still in full effect, I see. lol

  2. Sorry you are sick. Swimming with sea turtles and that sunset?? So beautiful.

  3. I frankly think it is GREAT you did nothing. :) Well... not so great you got a cold, but everything else about the trip. Hope you are on the mend!!

  4. Welcome baa-ack!! What a beautiful photo.