Monday, March 7, 2011

W.I.P March 7

A few years ago I bought this alpaca silk yarn that I just love. The feeling of it is amazing. The problem is that I have nearly 2000 yards of fingering weight yarn. Now for a shawl that might be fine (but we all know how long it takes me to knit up a shawl). I've had the pattern for the Stupidly Simple Triangle Scarf printed out for the past few months and I've been trying to decide what yarn to use. Either I have too little of a yarn or it isn't the right gauge. Then it hit me. Take the yarn I love and double it up. It would be thick enough for the pattern, I'd get to use all 2000 yards of it, and I get to make a pattern I've been dieing to try out. In the end, this is what you have. I'm just a short way into it, but I'm just loving every minute of knitting it up. It is silly easy, which makes it perfect for TV watching!


  1. That was clever - I never think about doubling up yarn. Does it count as 1000 yards on the knit meter or 2000 then?

    I'm always having these discussions with myself, especially with the handspun. I want to use as much of it as I possibly can.

  2. I love Jennifer's comment. Looks like a yummy, soft purple and will most likely make you purr when you wear it. I know all my soft knits do that to me.

  3. oh do i ever love that colour! i have never made a shawl yet...i think you may have inspired me!