Tuesday, April 12, 2011

W.I.P April 12 - Weekend Recap

This is a secret design project. Still on the needles and still super hush hush!

I finished up these socks on Monday morning as we drove home (there was too much wind to travel on Sunday).

Project Details:
The pattern is called Nutkin and is really easy to memorize and work while watching tv. I did two pairs of socks at the same time (which made it seem like they went faster). These are a gift for the Sole Sisters group that I'm in. I used Liberty's Bluetopia yarn called Ketchikan (had to buy it being an Alaskan girl). Started on March 12 and finished on April 11. I couldn't understand the patterns heel or toe (so I used my standard one). Other than that I followed the pattern. I sure hope by buddy enjoys these.

During our weekend track/RV trip I finished clues 1 & 2 for Aprils Mystery 220 KAL. I know that for people who did these with a solid color you could make out more - but I love the bright colors and the pop of each of them. Waiting for clue 3.


  1. Love your socks...two at a time, amazing! I want to make a pair of knee highs, even if it kills me!Can't wait for your secret design.

  2. Alaskan Girl? That is very interesting. I love Alaska, I think it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world, with the most beautiful open space, and not to mention the lovely show!
    I love the socks, they are great!