Tuesday, May 24, 2011

F.O. Fallberry Mitts

Project Details:
I did this as part of the Ravelry group on using up stash sport and sock yarn. They pick the patterns and you just work on the ones you want. I've been meaning to do one but haven't done it until now. I started on May 2nd and finished today May 24th. I could have done these in a day if I had nothing else on the needles. They knit up really really fast! I used Wayward's sport yarn from the Sherlock Holmes club. I probably used around 150 yards. I could make another pair out of the yarn I still have.

The only change I made to the pattern was to do fewer repeats on the thumb (because I have short thumbs). Otherwise it is exactly as written.


  1. I can't imagine that thumb being any longer -- wouldn't that have made it about the same length as the finger part?! Weird.

    These are super cute. Almost makes me wish for winter weather again. Almost. lol

  2. those are cute. they DON'T make me wish for winter weather...lol..not in the least.

  3. Cute!!! I love mitts and mittens. Too bad I don't often need them.