Monday, May 2, 2011

When You Sleep.

I've been working on the Cleopatra Shawl and woke up this morning to find that Methow had carried the shawl into the kitchen and also drug yarn throughout the house. Feeling uninspired to work on it once this has happened.


  1. Gir has done this to me so many times. I've never successfully untangled one of his messes. When that happens I grieve the loss of the yarn and move on with a new project.

    :( Such a bummer!

  2. Oh, M just wanted to help and be part of the fun! Just think of the good kitty energy that's now part of the creation of your shawl. Besides, who better to play with a cleopatra shawl than a cat! Maybe she is working her magic on your beautiful shawl through you little furball... ;)