Wednesday, May 4, 2011

W.I.P Leaf Quilt

In my UFO Domination plan for 2011 I HAVE TO FINISH THIS QUILT. I know. Say it loud and it is sure to happen. But, that is what I'm hoping for. I have all the pieces cut out and am 1/2 through piecing the first bit of the leafs together. Once each half is finished then I will put them together and add stems. Then I can put the whole quilt together. Sounds like a lot I know - but shouldn't be too bad.

My goal for this project is to piece the blocks little by little during the week. I hope to have the whole thing pieced in the next two weeks. It will be a queen size quilt once it is finished.


  1. It's got such pretty fabric - it'd be a total shame not to finish it! You can doo eeeit!

  2. oh my it's been a while since i have visited! quilt...i would love to make a quilt! do you sew by hand or do you use a machine? can't wait to see it, it looks like it will be beautiful!