Saturday, July 23, 2011

F.O. Snowdrop Socks

Project Details:
First, when I put these socks on the blockers I noticed that I didn't finish one - I'll have to do that once they dry. This was my first time working with Noro yarn. Jill convinced me to get some and give it a try and I have to say there are things I love and hate about it. The yarn, which was Noro Kureyon Sock, was suppose to be fingering weight yarn. As I used it I noticed that it went from lace to aran weight. I love the crazy mix of colors and the blend of the fiber - but the difference in weight was hard to get over. This yarn is also handwash only - and sock yarns really should be superwash!

I used size 2.5 dpn, the pattern (Snowdrop) is toe up (which means I got to use all the yarn), I started on June 9th and finished on July 22. They were a fast knit because of the gauge and size of the needle but in the end they look a bit large. I think this fiber also doesn't stretch much.

I'm happy to have worked with this Noro sock yarn - but I'm not sure I'll do another pair of socks with it, something else maybe ... but not socks.


  1. I am back and forth about how/if I love Noro. Sometimes their stuff is just perfectly perfect for a project, and sometimes.. well.. not.

  2. I hate Noro. Which is a shame, because I bought, like, a metric ton of it before I came to that conclusion. This taught me not to buy yarn based on what everyone else said.