Thursday, August 18, 2011

W.I.P August 18 - Or Maybe Not!

In cleaning out stash projects that are kits I thought I might knit up this sweater (which I bought everything for a year or more ago). I did a gauge swatch and found that on size 10.5, 10, 9 I got close (but closest on size 9). The gauge is 4.25 sts/inch. So, I cast on the 80 stitches and start working. I get an inch and a half in and decide to check the gauge again. It is now 3 sts/inch. Have you ever had this happen? WTF is wrong with the mini swatch I did??


  1. You're good - at least you do guage swatches. though, I've yet to knit anything that's been dependent on a guage. Perhaps it's looser when you "know" it's just a swatch? You might tightened your stitches on the real thing without realizing it?

  2. Hm.. Yeah. I think the swatches lie. Mine often do. So same needles and you are working back and forth and didn't switch to the round or anything weird?

  3. swatches are for babies.

    At least that's what the ad said lol

    Seriously - this is why I gave up on most swatches unless it was absolutely necessary. I've never really had a problem, either.