Sunday, December 4, 2011

FO Baby Quilt

In the middle of holiday baking I decided to make a baby quilt.

Project Details:
I bought the monkey panel a long time ago. I've never used a panel before and had no idea how to work with it. I found a pattern I liked. But then once I read it I decided I didn't want to make it. I finally picked some Dr. Seuss fabric for the edge and some soft fleece for the back. I decided to only quilt the edge fabric (as I didn't want to mess up the cool panel). I picked a variegated thread that was silk. All of these decisions (plus wanting to do a rolled binding) bit me in the butt!

The thread kept breaking. The backing wanted to bunch and the binding was a massive pain. My hubby says the kids will pee, pooh and vomit on it - so he isn't worried. But I'm using it as a quilt learning experience. Things I won't do again!!


  1. Squeeeee!!! This thing is super DUPER cute, even if it did take a few years off your life out of sheer stress. LOL <3 And oh, believe me when I say that I have definitely been there.

    And hubby is right. Baby will totally use the shit out of it. (Gotta love a good pun! haha) But you know what? Every time you look at it you'll know that YOU made that for that specific little bundle of joy. And everything that baby does to that quilt will only add character and value.

    Enjoy it now that it's finished. And congratulations on both the quilt and your bun in the oven!! **hugs**