Saturday, January 7, 2012

F.O. Quilted Changing Table Organizer

We have been setting up the babies room and I noticed I would really like an organizer off the side of the changing table. As you can see it is pretty bare. I measured the width (17") and the length I wanted (12"). With those two things I set out to make something that hangs off the side.

Here was my selection of fabric with pockets and main fabric. DH picked out the fabric he liked the most (and that was what I went with).

To figure out pocket sizes I put down everything and measured them. I came up with a two pocket approach. After attaching the pockets and ties (and finishing up the lining I had my little organizer).

Here is what it came out like. I now think I'm going to make a laundry bag that is lined with PLU for the other side (maybe the same fabrics). Sometimes small projects are really rewarding. They seem to nearly finish them selves!

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  1. That came out really really cute! It'll be super handy too, I'd wager!