Sunday, April 15, 2012

OMG Baby Brain

Well let me tell you a little story. I was up at 2:30 am feeding the baby. Really I was like a zombie and lucky to find Zooey's mouth. Anyway - I was in my pjs with my favorite hand knit lounge around the house sweater on. Out of no where Zooey spit up. Vomited on my, her self, and my sweater. Not a big deal unless you are a brainless zombie and you do something stupid.

My glorious 100% alpaca lounge sweater found its way into the washing machine. It was set to hand wash, which is normally okay except I left the spin and rinse on.

I came back to the washing machine hours later to find my precious sweater had been felted. I'd like to cry over it - but I have a feeling it won't be the only baby brain loss in my future!


  1. O CRAP! Yeah... thinking at crack o'dark isn't a viable option right now!!

  2. :-( Save it for when Zooey gets bigger. Repurposed!!!