Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Tour!

Once a year I get a big push for spinning.  The Tour de Fleece starts today.  I plan on spinning more than knitting for the next few weeks.  In preparation for the tour I decided to log all of my roving into Ravelry (something I have yet to do).  Turns out I have 235 oz of roving or ~14.5 lbs.  This is way less than I thought I had (which is a good thing).  The photo is of Zooey snuggling up with all of my 4 oz hand dyed braids.  I'm sure she will be really into the tour in a few years :)

My plan for this tour is to get through the roving in this picture:
I've selected an assortment of fiber types and amounts (some are close to a pound and some are just 4 oz).


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