Monday, July 16, 2012

Where Am I?

I know.  Where did I run off to?  The tour is one and I'm suppose to be spinning it ... right?  Well  .....   I'm in a funk.  That is where I am.

The roving I picked to spin is large and doesn't make me feel good (so I've just left it on the wheel and have done nothing).

The knitting projects I have on the needles are all large and I feel like I'm making NO progress.  My current WIP list is:
1. Pullover sweater (I'm something like 5 inch into it)
2. TTL socks (I'm near the toes on both pair of socks)
3. Strawberry socks (I'm on the leg of sock #1)
4. Lace scarf (this is done with fine weight yarn and is taking forever!!)

So out of these 4 projects I just feel like I'm getting no where.  My plan of attack has been to finish one of them and then start something small for Zooey.  I think maybe I'll get the TTL socks off the needles first.  But, this funk has to move out.  It really is messing with my crafting mojo!

1 comment:

  1. Bet you could finish up the socks the quickest! I'd do them first too. (And you know... you could always pull the roving off the bobbin and chuck it if it's not what you like to spin!!)