Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year Round Up.

I like to look back on the year and see what I've accomplished.  2012 was an exciting year around here (all around).  But, crafting wasn't too shabby either.

Spun: 1462 yards (low - but I had thumb surgery)
Knit: 9787 yards

Sewing: Cushions for a high chair, cushions for stools, 2 soft baby books, 12 quilt bee blocks, 1 twin quilt (for Zooey), a baby quilt, modified baby outfits, little sister's wedding invitations, and a hexagon table runner.

Here was 2011 from the blog: "Spun 3.5 lbs of roving for something near 5000 yards of yarn.
Knit ~14,000 yards.
Quilted 3 baby quilts, 2 queen size quilts, aprons, 1 wall hanging, 1 king size quilt and I started hexagon madness.

Now let's see what 2012 has to offer. I'm guessing with a baby in hand I might get a little less done."

I think I was right on my assessment of LESS DONE :)

Let's see what 2013 holds.  HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!

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