Thursday, May 23, 2013

Indie Dyers

So I love certain yarns.  I think most of us that knit do.  We have things that we check to see if they are on sale.  I also happen to buy certain yarns and then hate them.  I've never published a list of these - but I'm now thinking it might be nice to review certain yarns and let people know what I think about them (so that they can either try them out or ignore them).  My first set of reviews will be on Indie Dyers.  These are people who dye yarn in their kitchen, shops or otherwise just by hand (these are not in any order).

1. The Wacky Windmill: She has a nice listing of sock and lace yarns.  The colors go from gentle to popping bright.  I love some of her bases as well.  Some of her thicker gauge yarns only come in 1-2 skeins though (which is never enough to do much with).  That would be my biggest complaint.  Currently she has a 35% off coupon up (save35).

2. Hedgehog Fibres: I just can't stop myself with Hedgehog.  I love her colors so much.  They are deep, rich and fun.  I've knit up a number of things and they don't pool or run when you wash them.  The singles have a great drape and hold up well.  You wont regret any Hedgehog fiber!

3. Julie Spins: I'm new to Julie.  I only just found her a few weeks back and I'm really loving her yarn.  I've recently purchased a bit more.  I'm not sure how it washes or wears yet - but the colors are dreamy!

4. Twisted Limone:I've bought a number of her self striping sock yarns.  She even does custom colors if you need it.  They knit well and wear well.

5. Woolen Mills St. Yarns: Christina has some amazing colorways and bases.  I've bought both yarn and roving from her.  Both have been great.  I would say my only issue with the fiber club was that I seemed to get just any fiber she had around and no labels on them.  Also, the name of her sock colorways were not on the labels (which I found odd).

6. Wooly Wonka Fibers: I know - I know.  Anne is a friend so it isn't fair to put her on here.  Well tough cookies people.  She is up!  I have bought roving and sock yarn from Anne (yes bought).  I've also gotten patterns and clubs.  Wooly Wonka fibers and yarns are of lovely bases, the colors don't bleed and the patterns I've done have been great.  Her colorways are more earthy, mellow and subdued (which sometimes I need).  I would say the best thing about Anne is that she will work with you for anything.  I contacted her and asked her for a certain base and color (which I described as blue/purple ... but more blue  ... like the deep ocean) and she dyed up something PERFECT.  Not sort of close ... but exactly what I had in mind.  So, if you need something special  you should check her out.

All for now.  Next review will be of Rowan yarns (which I also LOVE)!


  1. Not counting myself, most of these would be on my top 10 list too! Lots and lots of talented dyers out there!!

  2. Great to know. I also love Rowan Yarns, so am looking forward to your post! :-)