Tuesday, April 20, 2010

W.I.P April 20th

I'm still working on the lace pattern. I get a row or two done an evening. Not much ... but I'm trying to keep up with it. My goal will be to finish it in this lifetime!

I've cast on for Juliet. For those that read, you'll remember I did this pattern in pink a while back. This is a gift for Courtney's birthday.


  1. Sometimes on those big projects, just doing a little bit every day still equals progress!

  2. You know, one or two rows a night is at least SOMETHING. Which is a hell of a lot more progress than I'm making on my Central Park Hoodie which has sat in hibernation for nearly a year now. I commend your slow-but-sure progress. If if possible, could you send some of that motivation my way? My CPH would really appreciate it. =]