Sunday, July 3, 2011

F.O. Spinning.

Here is the roving (I should have taken a photo of it in a braid - it was pretty)


Finished yarn.

First off I'm a day early on the tour (I normally take 3 days to get through 4oz during the tour). But, since I felt behind I had to kick some butt.

Yarn Details:
This was last May's fiber club from Funky Carolina. 4oz of polwarth fiber (which I had never used before). The fiber is extremely long and sticky - but was exactly what I wanted to spin up (after the last couple superwash disasters). It came out DK weight and 214 yards. The colorway is clumsy.


  1. Looks great! Nothing like a surprise week off to get some crafting done, eh?

  2. OK, bare with me as I do not have a clue - did you buy the fluffy pile colored? Or did you die the colors? You do buy the fluffy pile right? Or do you somehow make that as well? I love the colors of these rolls you made. Do you call them bolts? ha ha, I really do not know - but I do know that I like it! These colors together make me very happy. What are you going to make with it?